Notice for physicians – Amendment to the Act No. 48/1997Sb., on public health insurance, as amended, with the effective date from 1 September 2015

With the effective date from 1 September 2015 the Amendment to the Act No. 48/1997 Sb., on public health insurance, becomes effective and valid; the Amendment incorporates a new provision - § 17 (4). Thanks to the quoted provision it will be possible to sell and inherit private medical practices of the physicians – natural persons. For purpose of sale or succession of the private medical practice it is no more necessary to transform the medical practice into the company limited (as usually applied till now), because the act already permits to sell and/or inherit the private medical practice of the physician running its practice as the natural person, i.e. establishment of the company limited for this purpose only thus becomes unnecessary. More detailed information concerning this issue can be found here.