We provide legal services to domestic and foreign clients

I provide complex legal services to domestic and foreign clients in the legal sectors concerning personal, business and family matters. My primary aim is that the law should not be an obstacle for you, but a valuable support in important moments and decisions.

The legal assistance is provided in Czech, German and English languages.

You can find me in the very centre of the City of Brno. My office is located in the iconic Jalta Palace, 2 minutes walk from the Náměstí Svobody public transport stop (trams No. 4, No. 9) or 5 minutes walk from the Šilingrovo náměstí public transport stop (trams No. 5, No. 6, No. 12).

Wheelchair access into the building.

Legal assistance and aid in the parental and marital affairs has already rendered to the parents or married couples from the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, South African Republic, Spain, Sultanate of Oman, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Vietnam

Legal services

Family law

  • dissolution of marriage and settlement of property of spouses
  • the upbringing and maintenance of the minor children before/after divorce of spouses, alimony for a divorced spouse
  • the upbringing and maintenance of the minor children after separation of unmarried parents
  • relationship of children towards parents and grandparents, contacts of parents and grandparents with children
  • representation before court (custody of children - alternating, joint, exclusive, contact with a child and promotion of relations with the child, divorce of the marriage, maintenance and support, settlement of common property of spouses, settlement of property of unmarried partners)
  • representation in the court proceedings before the Constitutional court (the right of a child care and its upbringing, the right for protection before unlawful encroachment upon the rights of the private and family life, the right for a due process)

Civil law

  • legal matters relating to real estates (purchase contracts, deeds of gift, establishment of security interests and easements, establishment of pre-emption rights as proprietary rights, division of plots of land, land consolidation, representation in proceedings before the Land Registry)
  • ownership of apartments/flats (construction contracts, declaration of the house owner, transfer of housing units, establishment of security interests and easements, representation in proceedings before the Land Registry and Community of Housing Unit Owners)
  • leases of apartments/flats and non-residential (commercial) areas (lease agreements, eviction actions)
  • contractual law (contracts drafting)
  • claims following from responsibility for damage (legal actions for damages), unjust enrichment
  • representation in court proceedings

Business law

  • establishment of business companies, representation in proceedings before the Trades Licensing Offices and the Registers of Companies
  • transfers of ownership interests, creation of security interests to ownership interests
  • transfers of shares, lien on shares
  • contractual law (drafting contracts)
  • representation in court proceedings

Labour law

  • establishment, modification and termination of employment (labour law) relations
  • claims arising from invalid termination of employment
  • damages claims
  • representation in court proceedings

Private international law

  • family law
  • civil law
  • business law
  • labour law