Why to START considering transformation of your medical practice

In connection with coming generational change of the physicians the issue of the legal treatment of transfer of medical practices becomes slowly an urgent topic; legislation in this sector is incomplete. The medical practice / consulting room of the private physician (as the sui generis facility) is undoubtedly understood a high property value created by the physician for many years, and now the latter would like to hand it over with dignity to his successor.

The existing legal framework makes the medical practice hardly treatable and its transfer is complicated materially – impossibility to hand over the consulting room to the successor without the prior tender procedure, impossibility to transfer the rights and duties from the contracts executed with the health insurance companies to the physician – successor, etc.

Solution of this unsatisfactory condition can be seen in conversion of your medical practice, till now run by you as the natural person, into the medical practice that will be run by your legal entity. More detailed information concerning this issue can be found here.